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What is Osteopathy

At Peninsula Osteopaths, we strive to bring you back to optimal health and mobility. Each individual has unique needs, which means you will receive a specific combination of activities or treatments to help you find wellness.

Joint Manipulation

Reduced range of motion in the joints of your spine and limbs may give rise to asymmetry and abnormal loading. This malalignment may be associated with poor functioning of your body. You may experience sciatica, back pain and headaches. Osteopathic manipulations are performed using minimum force to maximise patient comfort.

Soft Tissue

Tense muscles and related connective tissues may be associated with ill health. You may experience limb, back, chest and neck pain. There are a wide range of approaches to effect a relaxation of the soft tissues. Our approach will often include techniques such as stretching, inhibition, functional and muscle energy. All of these are hands on and are carefully focused to the appropriate areas.


Cranial osteopathy is a subtle type of osteopathic treatment that uses very gentle manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stresses throughout your body. Although it is commonly recognised as a treatment for new-borns and infants our osteopaths will implement their treatments with the use of cranial techniques for all ages where appropriate.


The internal organs facilitate key body functions, like the absorption of essential nutrients or disposal of waste products. Dysfunction can arise for a number of reasons, such as scarring due to trauma, infection, operative procedures, or diseases. You may be experiencing a stomach-ache, constipation, diarrhoea, back pain and posture problems. Techniques employed to treat your internal organs are gentle and work with your body.
Who We Help

Excellence in Patient Care

It’s incredible how many people say they’d like to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle, but aren’t quite sure where to start. That’s where we come in. Peninsula Osteopaths offers a variety of services and the positive reinforcement you need, so that you can concentrate on reaching all of your health and wellness goals.

Aging Care

As we age we often tolerate aches and pains believing that they are just the “way it is”. However, many ailments can be improved with osteopathic treatment. Loss of mobility means that you may become more prone to injury. Osteopathy can help to maintain your mobility so that you can continue with your favourite activities.

Mums and Babies

Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy is gentle and safe. It can assist women adapt to the significant physiologic, structural and postural changes that occur during pregnancy. Osteopathy can help to prepare the body for a healthy delivery and help the mother to recover after birth. Cranial Osteopathy for babies is a very gentle technique which facilitates the body’s self-healing mechanism to help relieve any trauma that may have occurred during birth.

Adults and Infants

We individualise each treatment for adults and infants alike to bring you back to optimal health and keep you and your family mobile and active to do the things you love. Various Osteopathy techniques will help facilitate the our body’s self-healing mechanism to relieve any type of trauma as well as muscle and joint stiffness.

Ready to Embrace Wellness?

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